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Facebook Fan Page Engagement Ultimate Guide

Facebook Engagement Changes

“We expect organic distribution of an individual page’s posts to gradually decline over time as we continually work to make sure people have a meaningful experience on the site.” – Facebook

Facebook is an openly traded company and they have stock holders to keep happy. With that being said its no surprise that they are going to start showing less and less of our content to our fans.

Many people are mad and up in arms about this but right now advertising with Facebook is one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest form of advertising around.

I’ve decided to make a quick video outlining how to engage your Facebook fans moving forward.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below!

Thanks for watching my, “Ultimate Guide To Facebook Fan Page Engagement”.

Today we’re going to talk about how to engage your fans on Facebook now that there has been so many changes coming into play.

What Changes: November 2013 Facebook Announced…

“We expect organic distribution of an individuals page’s posts to gradually decline over time as we continually work to make sure people have a meaningful experience on the site.”

What Does this Mean?

- Fan engagement will decline.
- You posts will reach a very very minimal audience.
- You’ll have to rely on FB ads for distribution

Why is Facebook Doing this?

In order make sure that their users have a great experience they want to route out all the spammy fan pages. Just like with anything else if you have to pay to appear and market your page it’ll be better quality.

This is a great step for Facebook engagement because now we will focus on creating more engaging content.

What To Do?:

Your Reach is small but still accurate. When you post updates to your page as many people may not see it but the people who do will engage if its worth engaging.

That way you’ll know if a post is a lot more popular you can promote it, or “Boost” it.

Doing so will allow other users that you target to find your content and like your page. This could also bring back users to your blog that may have forgotten about you.

The most important thing to remember when creating content that will engage is to think native as Gary Vaynerchuk says in Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.

If you weren’t marketing and used Facebook would you put out the same time of content you are now as a marketer?

Most likely not! You’d be sharing big photos of what you’re doing or photos with quotes or updating everyone on your favorite show.

Find ways to incorporate this into your marketing plan as well!

Some examples of great FB page marketing are…

Pat Flynn Facebook EngagementPat Flynn: He is active in his Facebook community almost daily and treats his audience like family. If you check out his page you’ll notice he shares glimpses into his family life and asks many engaging questions everyday. pat flynn social reachAs you can see in the second picture Pat also most likely “Boosts” his most popular posts in order to reach more of his audience. Here you can see that he wants to know if his fans are interested in a monthly live Q&A, and apparently they are. This is great use of Facebook to engage your audience.



marie forleo facebook engagementMarie Forleo: If you check out her Facebook fan page you’ll notice that it is very native. She has big images with quotes and makes you feel like there is a real person behind her fan page.

derick halpern facebook engagement




Derick Halpern: Looking at the Social Triggers Fan Page you find that Derick is also using native content. If you look at his page you’ll see advice, in his style and voice, on a great visually pleasing picture. This is native content.

You also want to remember that you may only have once chance to impress your potential fan. If every other post is about a sale or you trying to get something people won’t return.

Give, Give, Give, Then ask just like @garyvee says!
or Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook!

The Right Hook or Ask:

After you’ve created meaningful creative content and you’ve provided value after value you’re ready for the ask.

The most important aspects are as follow…

- Keep it native: Visually appealing pictures and little text.
- Easy Call To Action: For example- “Like this if you agree with me” “Click here to download” Keep it simple so users don’t skip over your post.
- “Boost” your post with Facebook ads and A/B Split test using different images.

If you follow these rules you’ll be well on your way to meaningful Facebook Fan Page Engagement!

gary vaynerchuck jab jab jab right hookAlso if you want to check out Gary Vaynerchuk’s new book that I mentioned above just click herehttp://projectpassive.com/jjjrh

(Sources: Timeline of Facebook:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_Facebook ; Gary Vaynerchuk: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, 2013;) Zuckerberg Picture by: Robert Scoble

7 Pinterest Marketing (Hacks) And Tricks Revealed

pinterest marketing hacks

My Pinterest Marketing Hacks

You might have heard about these new Pinterest courses that will boosts your sales. In case you haven’t, I’m going to reveal everything you need to know about Pinterest marketing right here. (That way you can save some money! :D)

Did you know that Pinterest users spend double the amount of money that Facebook users spend? Or that Pinterest is growing past 70 Million users?

With that said if you think that you want to skip out on this social network your skipping out on free traffic and sales to your website.

The Facebook Alternative

Facebook changed its algorithm in the beginning of December and you won’t see much traffic to your fan page, that is unless you pay for it. They did this because they are a business and want to make money, which is understandable.

Now, I would suggest paying because as for the time being Facebook is where your audience spends the majority of there time.  With over 1.19 Billion users that tell Facebook there job, favorite pastimes, where they are at every second, and so many more crucial metrics, you can’t go wrong with a little money spent on advertising.

If you don’t have the money to spend on ads I’m going to show you how to cash in on Pinterest Marketing Hacks so you can start boosting your traffic.

Money Has No Gender

If you’re one of the skeptics that think Pinterest is just for girls you’re wrong. Though 80% of users are in fact female that just means there is so much room to grow for males.

Don’t you wish you could’ve jumped on the dot com rush? Jump in on Pinterest before it’s too late.

7 Pinterest Marketing Hacks and Tricks Revealed

1. Links In The Description:

Using shortened links in the description can help you measure what pictures are working the best. That means using services like Bit.ly that will allow you to shrink your links and track how many times they’ve been clicked.

2. Longer Is Better:

Statistically more people click on longer pictures which means creating infographics can help your marketing even more.

Don’t know how to create infographics? Well if you have a decent budget to work with you can outsource them to Odesk.com or Elance.com.

If your budget is next to nothing you can still find some gigs on Fiverr that will create graphics for $5.00 (USD).

3. Pin Your Offer:

Do you have a free gift that is an incentive for users to opt in to your email list? Pin a quote of good advice from it don’t just post the cover.

Start a new board with a name similar to the topic of your board. Make visually compelling pictures that are quotes from your book. Link them back to your landing page and boom you’ve got some opt ins.

4. Follow The Board:

Follow no more than 100 boards per day. Don’t go overboard or Pinterest w

ill suspend your account.

Search for boards that are within your niche. If you have a surf company search for “gnarly waves” and follow some boards. Just mix it up and follow everyday and you see about a 20% follow back rate.

Also follow the followers of gurus in your niche. So, like in the exampl

e above, if you’re in the surfing niche you can follow the followers of popular surfer, board companies etc.

5. Cross Promote:

Do you have a large Twitter, Facebook, email list or any other type of platform? Use that to reach out to your current fans. Just go ahead and ask them to follow you, you’ll see that works pretty well.

Also post your pins to other social sites like Twitter to gain more traction.

6. Walk The Talk:

If you’re going to be on Pinterest you should learn to act like the average pinner. Don’t just use your account to push your blog post actually interact with the site and build relationships with other users.

That means you’re going to have to pin boards that are human. Start creating boards with houses that you dream to live in your favorite gadget collection. Give the user a glimpse into your life and style. This will really go a long way especially for those of you who are cross promoting it to your fans on other social media sites.

7. #Hashtags #Work #In #Moderation:

Don’t be the guy that hashtags every single word that he posts. Studies show that people are more likely to interact with posts that have 2 or few

Putting to many hashtags could cause you to look spammy or confusing to your potential audience.er hashtags.


Now you know my very best Pinterest Marketing Hacks and you can try them out! Let me know in the comments whats working for you and if you’re going to try anything above!

Thanks for reading have a happy holidays!

Chain and lock image courtesy of Official PSD’s

PP 007: How To Outline Your Podcast Episodes


Thanks for checking out another episode of the Project Passive Podcast!

Below are the show notes from items that I mentioned in this weeks episode.

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Podcasting 101

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New Media Expo #NMX

I had so much fun at new media expo and in this episode I tell you all about my favorite sessions. If you’d like to check out these guys I’m going to link below!

How To Outline Your Podcast Episodes

This is the main segment for my discussion today. I had the idea to create this episode while I was at New Media Expo because I realized how many new podcasters don’t know what they’re doing. Why? Because no one really ever told them how to create an outline for there podcast!

Here’s the topics I’m going to cover in today’s episode…

  • How Your Podcast When First Starting Out (Why its wrong)
  • Scripting Your Podcast VS. Outlining Your Podcast
  • Steps by Step How To Create Your Outline

Thanks for listening if you have any questions or comments leave them in the comments section below. Or you could leave me a voicemail on SpeakPipe and I’ll get back to you and may feature you on the show!

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PP 008: Hosting Options For Mobile Podcasters

In Today’s Episode I’ll Discuss…

  • Free Podcast Hosting Options
  • Live Call In Podcast Hosting Option
  • My #1 Recommend Podcast Hosting Option


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Podcasters’ Bootcamp: “How To Podcast While Traveling The World”

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Strange Podcast Warm Up “Techniques”

I’ve been doing some strange warm up techniques to try to bring some more energy to the show. I’ve tried jumping jacks and a strange form of martial arts, one that is unique to myself only. (You’d Have To See It!) Basically, we’ve all done it, you know you’re standing in front of the mirror and you start throwing random punches, the eye of the tiger is playing, but only in your head.

What Type Of Warm Ups Do You Have For Anything?! Leave Me A Voice Mail —–>

Podcast Hosting Options

I’ve tried out tons of different podcast hosting options just for the sake of this episode so I’m going to give you the low down on all of these.

Free Hosting Options:

I do not recommend these options at all, but if you reallllly don’t have the money ($5.00-15.00) you can get started with these options relatively quick. I would only use these options if you really and I mean REALLLLLY had to because they will advertise during your episode and its not customize able at all. So here we go this is what I have…

  • Blog Talk Radio:
    • Users Can Log In For A LIVE Show
    • 5 Guests/Listeners On Live(Like Leno!)
    • Promotional Tools: Embed, RSS For iTunes or Sticher, Social Sharing Tools
  • PodBean:
    • 50 Free MB of Storage (Upload 1 Show Free Basically)
      • Only 5 GB Bandwidth (That sucks!)
    • More Like Traditional Podcast Hosting
    • Create Premium Content – Users Have To Pay To Listen
    • Hosted On Amazon S3


The Best Option For Podcasting

Libsyn (Liberated Syndication)

  • World’s Largest Podcast Network
  • Top Podcasters Use This, i.e. Pat Flynn etc.
  • 18,000,000 Monthly Listeners
  • Fastest Download Times
  • Audio Or Video Hosting
  • Publish To Your Blog or To YourPodcast.Libsyn.com
  • Create A Mobile App
  • Plans Starting At $5.00

This is the only real podcast hosting option in my mind.

Hosting Options: Blog Vs Libsyn Hosting

Blog Options:

  • HostGator – Website Hosting For Your Blog
  • WordPress – Your Content Creation Platform (FREE)
  • Thesis – Your Theme For WordPress Blog
  • 99 Designs – Premium Design For Your Blog (Helps You Stand Out)
  • PowerPress – Blubrry: Upload Your Libsyn File To Your Post

Libsyn Options:

  • Little Cheaper Option
  • Podcast at Libsyn Domain (YourPodcast.Libsyn.com)
  • Limited Customisation
  • Only Really $5.00 Cheaper Per Month

Thank you so much for listening to my episode!

Leave a rating and review on iTunes here, please and thank you! :)